What is B2M4C (Boys 2 Men 4 Christ)?...

Boys 2 Men 4 Christ is a network of independent churches all working together from a common framework and curriculum to help build relationships between quality Christian men and boys (ages 5-12) who do not currently have strong male Christian role models in their lives.

Unlike some mentoring programs where the focus is one boy/one mentor, B2M4C is held in a group setting in your church so that we can impact as many boys as possible.

How did it start?...

My name is David Wills and I began this ministry back in late 2003 through a chance meeting with a grandmother raising her abandoned grandson alone. She came to me after a Saturday evening church service in tears saying that is was impossible for her to raise this 7 year old boy by herself.

The boy's father was in jail, his mother had left him and the grandmother lamented that she spoke to the leader of the men's ministry in our large church about what could be done.

She was told that we had no ministry in place to help the boy other than regular Sunday School services.

My heart broke while she shared her story and I knew that while I didn't have the answer, I knew that God would if we sought him in prayer.

I knelt down that Saturday evening in a small room with the grandmother and the boy. We prayed for an answer to this problem. We wept...and hugged. I said some things to the boy to encourage him to help out his grandmother more...and I went home.

The answer to prayer...

That evening when I went home was like most others. While I thought of the meeting with the abandoned boy and his grandmother...it wasn't particularly heavy on my mind. However, it was in the coming days that I felt God was showing me a mirror when I would lift up the boy in prayer.

It was like God was saying..."What are YOU going to do?"

Now I am wise enough to realize that I can do nothing without God, but I felt as though I was being asked for obedience to what I could do. And what I could do was get a few men together that I knew in the church and have a meeting about what could be done.

In the coming weeks and months a vision came to me that not only were we to start a ministry in our own local church...but that we were to document the whole thing and create an entire curriculum and resource kit so that ANY church ANYWHERE in the world could begin their own B2M4C ministry.

God has been faithful and we have completed the task He set us.

The B2M4C "Ministry -In-A-Box"...

The B2M4C "Ministry-In-A-Box" is a complete DVD package that includes everything you need to start your own ministry in your own local church.

The ministry consists of men from the church (pre-screened just like any children's worker) getting together with fatherless boys in a group setting at the church twice a month....playing games, telling stories, throwing a ball around.

We share a slice of pizza or a hot dog and then learn a valuable lesson from God's Word. This blend of having fun as a group, building relationships and trust between men and boys and learning from God's everlasting principles is a powerful formula to raise boys for God's Kingdom.

Through the trials of running this ministry over the last several years and my background with the Big Brother Association of Los Angeles, a wealth of resources has been distilled onto a single DVD.

A DVD that both plays in your regular DVD player and in your computer to print out all the printed materials and artwork you need.

It contains...

  • A 30 minute documentary on what B2M4C is
  • Ministry Manuals
  • Lesson Plans
  • Promotional Materials including Postcards
  • T-Shirt Artwork
  • Games to play with the boys

Basically everything you need to start your own ministry.

What's Included?


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